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Lane Townsend is a Los Angeles based actor in film, television and theatre. He is classically trained and has a powerful presence on stage and in front of the camera. His film roles have been featured on Netflix, Hulu, SyFy channel, Amazon and on the film festival circuit. Recent feature films such as "Age of Tomorrow" and "Adaline" have been generating interest in Lane's talent, style and particular set of abilities.

"Developing ideas into compelling stories is great exercise for creativity and clarity." Lane is knee deep independently writing three film stories as well as working on a television series and another feature concept with other writers & producers.

On this website you'll find a selection of 15-second short clips illustrating some of the work he has done in television commercials as well as his official demo reels. Headshots are always being updated and will be refreshed every few months. One of his most requested showreels is the Action / Stunt demo showing Lane sword fighting, fire fighting, gun fighting and generally saving the day.

Lane keeps active in social media as well, so be sure to keep up with his latest projects, new releases, news and thoughts by following him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Lane is a current member of SAG | AFTRA.

Latest Demo Reels

Latest Theatrical Demo Reel (2017) (2 min.)

Commercial Demo Reel (2016) (1 min. 18 sec.)

Theatrical Demo Reel (2016) (2 min.)

Latest Release

Novadaq produced a promo with Lane Townsend's voice talent for narration.

Lane Townsend voiced this promo video for Novadaq, a leader in medical imaging technology, describing the benefits and efficacy of their unique surgical enhancement device.

Voiceover: Novadaq Promo